Data science

The fundamental skills to extract insights from data and communicate them effectively


Analyse quantitative data, draw useful information, and effectively present tables, graphs, dashboards and statistics. You don't need to have an MSc/PhD in statistics to do that.

Analyse and present data insights

Basic element of descriptive and predictive statistics. Representation of quantitative data through charts and dashboards. Within everyone's reach.
Smart data presentation with tables, graphs and dashboards.

Using tables, graphs and dashboards to communicate quantitative information is a common practice in the business world for every managerial function. Through this course, you will learn how visual perception works from a neuroscientific point of view and which graphic object to use according to the message you want to communicate or the situation you want to represent.

Micro learning (asynchronous): 83 micro-modules of 10-15 min (videos, readings, interactive quizzes). Accessible anytime, anywhere, with any device. Downloadable chart library template.

From 290 Euro (early bird).

Language: Italian and English.

Access the course on (English version)

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Basics of data science and statistics for quantitative decision analysis.

This course is intended to provide primary and practical knowledge of statistics for those involved in managing, analysing and presenting quantitative information. During the course, some statistical tools will be used to show how to translate into immediate practical application the concepts presented.
Duration: two days (in-class or online).

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Evidence Based Management

Evidence-based is a term initially coined in the 90s in medicine, but today its principles extend to disciplines such as education, criminology, public policies, social work and (recently) management. EBM helps managers, or the individuals acting on their behalf, to research and critically evaluate the validity, generalizability and applicability of the evidence available.
Duration: two days (in-class or online).

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