Remote and smart working

To work remotely is an excellent opportunity, although it requires new skills and a different organisation on a social level. From personal planning to leading teams, passing through problem-solving and dealing with uncertainty.


Remote work is mainly an organisational and psychological issue. It involves an employee and their social network (family, cohabitants, etc.). Help your organisation make the most of this opportunity.

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Courses and tools to communicate, collaborate, manage and motivate remote working employee.
Managing Chaos with Time Etiquette. Improving communication, time and tasks management.

The course combines the organizational principles of Time Etiquette with Managing Chaos. The program teaches processes and technology to manage time, communications and activities within the organization and smart working/teleworking.

Micro learning (asynchronous): 68 micro-modules of 10-15 min (videos, readings, interactive quizzes). Accessible anytime, anywhere, with any device.

From 290 Euro (early bird).

Language: Italian and English.

Access the course on (EN version)

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Corporate Virtual Assistant

The Virtual Assistant used to be a niche and relatively unknown profession before Covid 19. Now, most, if not all Executive Assistants and Personal Assistants have been required to adapt to performing their work virtually. This course is available either in inter-company mode, intra-company mode or 1:1 coaching. This course is available in English.
Duration: online (three half-day modules).

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Collective Intelligence

Research shows that the best performing teams are not the one with the smartest & most skilled individuals. Highly performing teams are the ones who know how to leverage the collective intelligence of the group as a whole.  This experiential course will teach you the conditions and practices to foster the collective intelligence of your team.
Duration: online (three half-day modules).

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Time Etiquette for Smart Working

Il lavoro in Smart Working o Telelavoro può rappresentare una fantastica opportunità ma richiede anche nuove competenze organizzative e di equilibrio tra vita personale e professionale. Con questo corso imparerete a utilizzare metodi e strumenti per una efficace pianificazione personale e di comunicazione con i vostri collaboratori.
Durata: online (tre moduli da mezza giornata).

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Remote Leadership. Leading remotely is different.

Significant worldwide changes have revolutionised everyday work and life. Information and communications technologies (ICT) enable managers to connect with work colleagues at any point in time and space. This new situation requires the leaders to be equipped with specific methodologies and tools to lead their teams remotely while ensuring a high degree of motivation and commitment.
Duration: online (four half-day modules).

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