Project management with Microsoft Project

The course aims to present the potential and methods of using Microsoft Project, in line with the most general project management methodological framework worldwide described in the PMBoK® (Project Management Body of Knowledge).
Duration: online (two half-day modules).

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The course aims to present the potential and methods of using the most commonly used solution for project management, Microsoft Project. It also outlines how the correct use of the solution effectively supports the project management methodological framework described in the PMBoK® (Project Management Body of Knowledge).

After a brief introduction to the project management methodology, the course develops by sharing project management methods in their various phases/processes through Microsoft Project.


Anyone who needs to know the features of a fundamental tool for project management.


The fundamentals

  • Creating a new project
  • Types of business
  • WBS definition (activity vs summary activity; indentations/deindentations)
  • Scheduling of activities
  • Setting the activity durations

Change standard Project scheduling options

  • Task sequencing
  • Flexible and inflexible constraints
  • Setting up deadline reminders
  • Milestone activity (milestone)
  • Using calendars (creating / editing project calendar)

Advanced settings

  • Resource setting
  • Adding resources to the project
  • Labor / material / cost resources
  • Setting up calendars for resources
  • Assignment of resources (even multiple) to activities
  • Control of the project plan
  • Saving forecasts (baseline)
  • Project update

Project views

  • Resource levelling: using the function with standard settings
  • Reporting
  • Multi-project management (outline)


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