Online Coach start-up kit

For team leaders/managers, psychologists and HR professionals. Certified by HURACT Business School, Switzerland. Recognized by the Italian government with 10 ECM credits for psychologists.

Micro learning (asynchronous): 61 micro-modules of 10-15 min (videos, readings, interactive quizzes). Accessible anytime, anywhere, with any device. Downloadable step-by-step guides. Step-by-step commented videos of a real online coaching path.
From 290 Euro.
Language: Italian & English.


This product is available in E-LEARNING mode, on the dedicated portal


Many people want to learn the fundamental techniques to become coaches and organizations also increasingly incentivize their managers to acquire and exercise these skills.

This course provides the fundamentals of everything you need to conduct a coaching path.

The course contains:

  1. Detailed illustration of the processes and techniques to be used.
  2. A commented practical demonstration of a real coaching process.
  3. Real step-by-step guides that illustrate, in detail, the individual steps of the coaching sessions object of the demonstration.

The methods and techniques used have been carefully selected with reference to the organizational realities; this makes the course of particular value both for future business or executive coaches and for managers who wish to apply this practice in their business realities.

In addition, an addendum to the course provides managers with the theoretical and practical fundamentals to manage, with scientific rigour, the case in which the goal of coaching is decided by the organization and is not freely chosen by the coachee.

Take away

  • The phases of the GROW model (Whitmore, 2002) that will allow you to exercise your first coaching experiences with confidence and professionalism.
  • The basic techniques for the management of the coaching taken from humanistic psychology, from the sciences of Business Plan, from the action┬ámethods and from Project Management.
  • The theoretical and practical foundations for exercising the coach in the role of manager, with coachee whose goal is not freely chosen.
  • The ability to access advanced coaching courses.


Managers and professionals who wish to explore coaching techniques and practice.


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