P.L.E.AS.E. Assessment Center
Precision in Talent Evaluation 

Elevating HR selection through scientific predictive analysis


Assessment Center, exclusively by HURACT®, offers a groundbreaking approach to evaluating candidates for hiring and advancement. Combining rigorous scientific research with advanced psychological insights, our method ensures a precise match between job requirements and candidate capabilities. Unlike traditional assessment centers, P.L.E.AS.E. focuses on specific, role-relevant criteria, significantly enhancing predictive accuracy at a fraction of the cost. Discover how we redefine the standards of HR assessments for a new era of organizational excellence.



The P.L.E.AS.E. assessment process unfolds through the following meticulously designed steps 
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Effort required to the client = 30 min
The client provides HURACT with a description of the job position through a meeting (30 ') and, if available, a Job Description


Elapsed time = about 5 working days.
HURACT compiles a comprehensive list of elements (skills, traits, etc.) identified from scientific literature as strong predictors of high performance, utilizing its access to extensive databases for this purpose.


Effort required to the client = 30 min.
This list is then presented to the client, who prioritizes these elements based on their relevance to the position.


Elapsed time = about 5 working days.
Time for candidate interview = 4 hours for each candidate.
HURACT, guided by the prioritised list, undertakes the following:
- Identifies personality traits and sub-traits with the highest predictive value for success in the role.
- Determines cognitive skills essential for the position and selects appropriate measurement tools.
- Plans a customised, structured interview tailored to the specific job requirements.

With the candidate's informed consent, HURACT conducts the assessment (about 4 hours for each candidate):
- In a controlled setting to ensure optimal conditions.
- Utilizing two independent assessors, both qualified psychologists, to guarantee assessment reliability.
- Employing a diverse range of tools and tests (including projective tests), specifically chosen for their relevance to a professional (non-clinical) context.


Elapsed time = about 5 working days.
Effort required to the client = 30 min for each candidate.
Following the assessment, HURACT prepares a comprehensive report which includes:
- Details of the methods and tools employed during the assessment.
- Insights into the traits, sub-traits, and their predictive capabilities regarding exceptional performance in the specific role.
- An analysis of the extent to which the candidate possesses the identified traits and skills, based on the conducted tests.

Excellence in HR Assessment: precision, personalisation, and prudence

Blending scientific accuracy, customized strategies, and cost-effectiveness for superior talent evaluation


At the heart of the P.L.E.A.S.E. Assessment Center is our commitment to evidence-based precision. We harness the power of scientific research and data-driven insights to ensure that our assessments are not just accurate, but predictive. By focusing on key traits and skills proven to correlate with success in specific roles, our approach minimizes guesswork and maximizes the reliability of our evaluations.


Every organization, role, and individual is unique. Recognizing this, the P.L.E.AS.E. Assessment Center offers a fully customized evaluation process. We tailor our assessments to align with the specific requirements of each job position, ensuring that our analyses are relevant and targeted. This bespoke approach allows us to provide insights that are not only precise but also incredibly pertinent to your specific HR needs.


Efficiency and cost-effectiveness are key to our approach at the P.L.E.A.S.E. Assessment Center. We understand the importance of resource optimization in HR processes. Our method provides a more predictive assessment outcome compared to traditional centers, but at a significantly lower cost. This means a superior evaluation quality without the typically associated high expenses, ensuring a smarter investment.
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