Organisational climate and network

Lear how to measure Organizational Climate Analysis (OCA) and Social Network Analysis (SNA). 
Rely on academic, evidence-based approach for measuring organisational figures.


Climate and Social Network analysis allow you to understand, interpret, lead and predict human and social capitals' outcome in terms of performance and wellbeing.   

Learn how to do, get a qualified service

HRM must be based on science. 
Learn how to approach OCA and SNA or rely on our academic and practical expertise.
Introduction to climate and social network analysis in organizations

The course aims to introduce a clear theoretical framework for detecting the organizational climate, integrating it with the social network analysis (SNA). We will use a quantitative approach to make the measured parameters measurable and verify the interventions' effectiveness. We will also show how to create dashboards and visual diagrams to represent the climate and the network.
Duration: in-class (one day); online (two half-day modules).

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