Servant Leadership (focus)

INCLASS or ONLINE (hybrid class)
Duration: 1 day
Price: 600 CHF

This specialisation course is for those organisations that want to adopt Servant Leadership and know that this model will test their managers' beliefs and behaviours. Servant Leadership argues that instead of the people working to serve the leader, it is the leader who exists to serve the people.

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This specialisation course is for those organisations that want to adopt Servant Leadership and understand that this model will challenge their manager's beliefs and behaviours. According to this model, the leader exists to serve the people instead of the people working to serve the leader.

Despite being practised in some top-ranking companies and having received a strong consensus in academic research, Servant Leadership is seldom applied in many EU companies. It could be as Servant Leadership is counterintuitive in some cultures. In SL, the main goal of the leader is to serve!

Take away

  • A clear understanding of the Servant Leadership model and its positive outcome
  • An assessment of your servant leadership attitude
  • Practical examples of expected Servant Leader behaviours


Talents and high potential wishing to embark on a path of organizational growth and innovative leadership styles.


What is servant leadership, what outcome, and how can it be measured

  • What is leadership
  • The Contrast between Command-Leadership and Servant-Leadership
  • Studies about the effectiveness of Servant Leadership
  • How to measure Servant Leadership
  • Differences between Transformational leadership and Servant Leadership

Developing the seven behaviours of servant leadership:

  1. Emotional healing
  2. Creating value for the community
  3. Conceptual skills
  4. Empowering others
  5. Helping subordinates grow and succeed
  6. Putting subordinates first
  7. Behaving ethically

Developing the "I serve" mentality: I serve because I am the leader, and I am the leader because I serve.


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