Digital transformation

"a process that aims to improve an entity by triggering significant changes to its properties through combinations of information, computing, communication, and connectivity technologies" (Vial, 2019)


In the future, most professions will require digital competencies. The DIGCOMP 2.0 framework identifies 21 skills, divided into 5 major areas (EU, 2020).

Digital competencies for the future

Each course addresses one or more of the digital competencies and skills for digital transformation.
Psychological Skills for Digital Transformation

DT has altered consumers' expectations and behaviours, pressured traditional organisations and disrupted numerous business models.DT requires organisations to adopt strategic responses to adapt their value chain and create a new business model. Hence, DT challenges individuals within organisations to adapt ad transform their daily operations according to the new paradigm.
In response to this change, employees need to develop new competencies and skills at the technical and psychological levels.
Duration: two days (in-class or online).

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