Team building

Cultural team building.
Psychological team building.
Team building that is effective beyond fun.


There is a difference between a playful meeting and a team building. Every socialisation occasion is an opportunity to create a group. We add psychological and sociological techniques to make sure the event is functional to your organisation.

Distinguishing team building

Cultural team building. Remote team building. Sociological team building. Chose the one that best suits your need.
Murder party

A murder party is a popular type of dinner theatre in which the play is a murder mystery, and the diners are invited to solve the mystery as they eat and watch the play. The murder party can be part of a Team Building, for having fun while improving collaborative and problem-solving skills or it can be a stand-alone event, provided by a restaurant to delight its customers.HURACT has a wide repertoire of murder parties to cover all needs.

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Workshop: stress management

The purpose of the intervention is to shed light on the basics of stress management from three different perspectives: theoretical, practical remedies, myths and legends. The workshop has a practical approach, deriving intervention concepts and strategies from the proactive participation of the audience. Duration: from 2 to 4 hours, including a break (possibility of doing 2 events, one in the morning and one in the afternoon to involve all the participants).

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Workshop: Happiness Education

Gli eventi HURACT sul tema di Educare i Bambini alla Felicità si inseriscono nella visione allargata delle aree di intervento del responsabile delle risorse umane aziendale (HR Manager). L’HR Manager è infatti sempre di più coinvolto non solo nell’assicurare la sicurezza ed il benessere sul luogo di lavoro ma anche nel promuovere il Work-Life Balance.
Durata: circa 2 ore (possibilità di fare 2 eventi, uno al mattino e uno al pomeriggio per coinvolgere tutte le maestranze).

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Team Building in Vineyard

The wine with its charm, pleasure, and culture lends itself to creating situations capable of strengthening a work team's bonds. From the harvest to the cellar, up to the tasting, there are so many moments during which the participants interact getting fun and working as a team. Our proposal encompasses two options: team building in the vineyard or the cellar.

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Team Building with action methods

Action Methods are ones of the most effective ways to team building; wisely carried out, it allows to establish and strengthen team-based skills such as collaboration, positive-competition, conflict resolution as well as personal abilities such as self-efficacy, communication, adaptability, etc.
The advantage of using AM compared to other traditional approaches (team cooking, escape rooms, etc.), lies in the ability to address the specific organisational learning needs through a wise choice of the most appropriates exercises.

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Team Building with Verdi

HURACT proposes an innovative Team Building in the National Museum Giuseppe Verdi, following the Anglo-Saxon trend that combines training, development, culture and business events. The Team Building with Giuseppe Verdi combines training, development, entertainment and culture leaving an indelible memory.
The Team Building can be also held in the prestigious National Museum Giuseppe Verd, in Busseto (PR – Italy) inside the sixteenth century Villa Pallavicino : an extraordinary cultural container that allows visitors to immerse themselves in the operas of the famous composer and get an insight in the atmosphere, history and culture of the era in which he lived.

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Team Building with Leonardo

Would you like to meet Leonardo da Vinci, one of the major world geniuses and discover the secrets of his geniality and creativity? Do you accept his challenge to rebuild the famous machines of Leonardo and his operas? Would you like to know why Leonardo da Vinci was capable of transforming an apparent failure into new inventions and opportunities? With our Team Building, you will learn the geniality of Leonardo with a jump in time and space.


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Remote Team Building with Leonardo

It is a real team building that cleverly combines playful aspect, artistic and historical rigour, motivational psychological intervention. It is intended for all your staff /employees in Smart-Working, Tele-working, working at a distance. You will get a team amused and fascinated by a truly non-trivial team building.

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