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Psychologists using tools and methods reserved for the profession.
Third generation cognitive-behavioural methodologies.
Internal supervision.
Specific coaching programs for every need.
Coaching using a foreign language.

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Certified Coach @ HURACT

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Coach (IT, EN)
MSc Occupation Psychology at Birkbeck, University of London. She is an enthusiastic coach, always exploring new way to broaden and building her students experience.


Psicologo, psicoterapeuta, coach (IT)
Specializzato in Psicoterapia Cognitivo-Comportamentale. Consulente per Enti del Terzo Settore.


Psicologa, Coach (IT, EN)
MSc in Clinical Psychology. Educatrice professionale, specializzanda in psicoterapia cognitivo-neuropsicologica.


Coach, Personal Trainer (IT)
“Mens sana in corpore sano”. Coach e Personal Trainer attivamente dedita alla promozione del benessere psicofisico a 360°. Specializzata in Neuropsicologia, Test Psicodiagnostici, Criminologia e Mindfulness.


Coach e Formatrice (IT)
Ventennale esperienza multiculturale in multinazionali di settori diversi con prevalenza per il Farmaceutico. In passato è stata Curriculum Development Manager Europea in una multinazionale farmaceutica.


Psicologa, Psicoterapeuta, Ipnologa e Coach
Specializzata in Psicoterapia Breve Strategica, Coaching e Problem Solving Strategico, con il suo percorso “Potenti Oltre Misura in 7 passi” aiuta le persone a vivere senza paura, diventando così libere e sicure.


Human Resources Specialist, Coach
Cristina has extensive experience in Human Resources, earned both academically and professionally through international placements.


Atleta professionista Fiamme Oro  
Sport Tiro a Segno
Riccardo Armiraglio fa parte del gruppo sportivo Fiamme Oro, della Polizia di Stato (Italia). È detentore di numerosi titoli in Italia e all’estero. È coach della squadra della Shooting Academy con cui partecipa a competizioni nazionali e internazionali.


Psicologo, specializzazione in Psicologia Sociale, Musicoterapeuta, Coach
Maurizio possiede una valida esperienza pratica della musicoterapia applicata a soggetti già sani e finalizzata a potenziare il benessere individuale. La laurea in Psicologia e la specializzazione in Psicologia Sociale gli hanno permesso di formalizzare tutte queste esperienze anche in ambito imprenditoriale e formativo.


Development Coach
Con uno strutturato background nel People Management & Development aziendale, oggi come Development Coach non voglio insegnare ma far si che le persone imparino da sé stesse, acquisiscano consapevolezza e mettano in pratica le competenze e manifestino fiducia.


Soft Skills Enabler, Coach
Il desiderio di aiutare gli altri mi ha sempre motivato e il mio scopo, attraverso il coaching, è di far emergere le qualità di ogni persona per farle raggiungere il successo desiderato.


Psicologa, Coach, Formatrice
Psicologa con indirizzo di specializzazione in psicologa del lavoro e delle organizzazioni, coach e formatrice. Svolge con passione life e business coaching da diversi anni.


Counselor / Coach
Counselor / Coach (IT, DE, EN)
Accompagno le persone nel raggiungimento dei loro obiettivi e nella trasformazione della crescita personale. People are my passion.


Public Speaking Coach & Trainer
Eliana è un’esperta di Public Speaking, Coach e Trainer.
Collabora con numerosi TEDx e affianca imprenditori, professionisti e speaker affinché raggiungano il miglior risultato nella comunicazione in pubblico.

Thematic Coaching

Specific coaching programs, based on needs.

Coaching: old way and the new way

Up to now, coaching has complemented the traditional training choices in a complementary way, where the user’s goals were not the simple acquisition of knowledge or skills but, rather, the achievement of a specific purpose.From this perspective, coaches usually help the client to define a goal, evaluate strengths and weaknesses, opportunities and threats, plan the steps, provide feedback.

The coach is, therefore “generic”, it goes through the same methodology regardless of the specific objective of the coachee.

One size does not fit all

Having said sod, one can legitimately wonder "how effective is it to propose the same methodology regardless of the content of the coaching?”
Building on years of experience in coaching, HURACT has realised that coaching paths must sometimes be suited to the type of the desired goal. It is not the same preparing talent to take a leading position, helping a senior to a career change, supporting an entrepreneur to make a choice or brushing up public speaker confidence and persuasion.

The new way of coaching is Thematic Coaching

To satisfy this need, HURACT has added to the “generic” traditional coaching a set of “thematic coachings”.
Each thematic coaching has its peculiarities, but all share adherence to modern evidence-based methodologies, based on third-generation cognitive-behavioural psychology.

Chose your coaching path

Improve performance, reduce stress, increase well-being. 
Tailor-made programs.
Coaching Using a Foreign Language

Managers, entrepreneurs, professionals are increasingly operating in a global environment and need to master foreign languages as well as to develop themselves and therefore improve their performance at work. Learning a new language and coaching is an effective way of pursuing such aims. Coaching Using a Foreign Language (CUFLA) is an innovative approach to improves your business performance while practising your language skills.
Duration: ten sessions, 1,5 h each

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Coaching path for developing your optimism and happiness.

Do you want to improve your well-being, optimism and happiness because you believe that being an optimist helps you to achieve your goals?  This path uses Positive Psychology, particularly the PERMA model (Seligman, 2011), to develop happiness and optimism.
Duration: 10 online sessions (1 hour each).

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Coaching path for Stress Management

Do you want to improve your skills in managing stressful periods, increasing your resilience and acting more functional behaviours? This path uses a cognitive-behavioural approach to manage non-pathological stress situations*, increasing resilience and improving performance. The participant will learn how to develop new cognitive, emotional and behavioural resources through six key psychological processes determined by the ACT model.
Duration: 10 online sessions (1 hour each).


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Coaching for Public Speaking

Do you have to do a presentation in public, and wish to brush up your stage management, persuasion and communication skills to convey an idea?
This coaching has a highly practical nature. The ideal would be that you have a real presentation to do so that you can use it as a case study. The video-feedback method will be used intensively. This coaching focuses on helping the coachee to organise logic and persuasive argument and to accurately convey it trough the specific tool used (i.e. PowerPoint, Word, Prezi, etc.).
Duration: five sessions (online or in-presence).

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Coaching for Performance with self-hypnosis

Do you want to improve your professional or academic performance and are you open to learning self-hypnosis as an empowering factor?
This coaching path is for those who feel the need to go beyond the objectives already achieved in the professional and academic field, through a personal path of enhancing their strengths, the definition of a personalized development plan and the learning of non-clinical self-hypnosis as an enhancing factor.
Duration: eight sessions (online or in-presence).

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Coaching for Performance

Do you want to improve your professional or academic performances? This coaching path uses a cognitive-behavioural approach to enhance the coachee’s strengths and improve their performance. The underlying models are the Positive Psychology (Seligman, 2012) and, in particular, the GROW approach (Whitmore, 2017) and the solution-focused-approach (O’Connel, 2012).
Duration: five sessions (online or in-presence).

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Coach from our Staff


Senior Coach, HURACT, Switzerland
PsyD. MSc Organizational Psychology at Birkbeck, University of London.
Founder Coach at HURACT, Switzerland.


Senior Coach, HURACT, Switzerland
Di formazione docente, si è presto specializzato in gestione di risorse umane e formazione, coach aziendale.


Senior Coach, HURACT, UK
PsyD. MSc Organizational Psychology at Birkbeck, University of London.
Partner Coach at HURACT, UK.


Senior Coach, HURACT, Italy
PsyD, Psychodrama & Sociodrama School of Gianni Boria, Piemonte (IT). 
Partner Coach at HURACT, Switzerland.


Senior Coach, HURACT Israel
CMBA from ESSEC Business School, Paris.Consulting (McKinsey & Cie). 
Partner Coach at HURACT, Israel.


Coaching  in Virtual Assistant, HURACT, UK
BSc Business Studies University of Brighton. Corporate Virtual Assistant Coach. Senior Coach at HURACT, UK.


Senior Coach, HURACT UK
PhD in Clinical Psychology (DClinPsy), University College London.
Senior Coach at HURACT, UK.


Senior Coach, HURACT Switzerland
PsyD, MSc Psychology, Università degli Studi di Padova.
Senior Coach at HURACT, Switzerland.


Senior Coach, HURACT Switzerland
PsyD, MSc Psicologia del Lavoro, Università degli Studi di Padova.
Senior Coach at HURACT, Switzerland.
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