HRM is a science

The management of human and social capital requires specific competencies.
Our trainers come from the most renowned business schools.
We adopt and teach an evidence-based approach.
If you don't have an MSc / PhD in HRM, this is your opportunity.

HRM evidence-based

HRM processes are often managed with spontaneous approaches, which have no scientific validity. Often,  despite their high cost, tools and methods used do not guarantee any validity. That is not anymore acceptable.

Advanced training for HRM

A set of fundamental skills for HRM. To be chosen one by one or collectively, as a master. Evidence-based approach.
HR Analytics. Integrating Evidence-Based Approach and Generative Artificial Intelligence (AI).

This three-day training program is designed for HR specialists who want to enhance their skills in HR Analytics. The program will explore key constructs in HR management, such as motivation, performance, well-being, resilience, and turnover, and will provide participants with a comprehensive understanding of the use of data and evidence-based approaches in HR decision-making. The program will also emphasize the importance of using scientific literature and integrating Generative AI in HR Analytics.

Duration: three days in-class or online (hybrid class).

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Evidence Based Management

Evidence-based is a term initially coined in the 90s in medicine, but today its principles extend to disciplines such as education, criminology, public policies, social work and (recently) management. EBM helps managers, or the individuals acting on their behalf, to research and critically evaluate the validity, generalizability and applicability of the evidence available.
Duration: two days (in-class or online).

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HR selection & assessment. A scientific approach (advanced).

Selection and assessment (S&A) are one of the most critical processes in HRM. Therefore, a scientific approach should be viewed as a MUST. This training provides a complete and clear picture of the tools, methodologies, and evidence-based techniques in S&A and tips about leveraging AI and ChatBot to boost such a scientific approach. In the end, participants will be able to build a complete, evidence-based selection process from scratch and leverage the power of ChatBots to support some critical steps.

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Duration: in-class (three days).

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Learning and development (advanced)

This course will explore theory and practice in organizational-based learning and development.  We will look at how the two inter-relate, where the gaps between them are and critique both perspectives. In doing so we will use an evidence-based, critical approach. We will critically explore current models, methods and technologies for managing learning and development inside the Human Resource Management  process.
Duration: in-class (three days); online (six half-day modules).

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Employee motivation (advanced)
This course will enable participants to understand and use the concepts and approaches to the development and measurement of motivation in work settings. We will critically evaluate the major motivation and interventions designed to affect motivation at work. Every topic covered in the course will have an introductory theoretical immediately followed by a practical/concrete part where the participant will be asked to operationalise what learned into practice.
Duration: in-class (three days); online (six half-day modules).
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Leadership and Performance Management (advanced)

This course is concerned with different approaches to managing and leading people at work. Many HR initiatives fail to address leadership and performance management since they omit to choose, apply and deploy a consistent theory and subsequent model within the organisation. Therefore, Human Resource Management professionals must acquire a clear and thorough picture of the leadership models, theories and applications in context.
Duration: in-class (three days); online (six half-day modules).


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